IT Skills
Operating Systems
Sun Solaris for over 10 years
Linux, several distributions for over 10 years
OpenBSD since version 3.0
FreeBSD since version 4.0
Windows since version 3.0
Mac OS X
AIX, IRIX (basic knowledge)
Network Services and Protocols
TCP/IPv4 for over 20 years
TCP/IPv6 for over 15 years
mail services/SMTP for over 15 years using Postfix, qmail and sendmail
DNS server using ISC BIND for over 15 years, DNSSEC for 6 years, PowerDNS for 6 years
high availability with VRRP, HSRP, CARP, DRBD amd Linux-HA/Heartbeat
web servers with Apache httpd 1.x/2.x, Apache Tomcat, lighttpd and nginx
FTP and SFTP servers
SSH and Telnet
switching and routing (802.1Q, RIP, OSPF, IGRP, EIGRP)
Network Security
Check Point Firewall-1/VPN-1 since version 4.0, Check Point Provider-1, Check Point VSX
Stonesoft Stone Gate FW/VPN Gateways since Version 4.x
Cisco IronPort Email Security Appliance (ESA) and Web Security Appliance (WSA)
Cisco IronPort Encryption Appliance (IEA)
Cisco Thtear Grid Appliance and Cisco Advanced Malware Protection
Fireeye Threat Prevention Platforms (Web Security, Email Security, Content Security, Forensic Analysis)
Trend Micro Content Security Solutions (VirusWall/IMSS/IWSS)
McAfee Secure Content Management Solutions, for 3 years as a Joint Developer
McAfee IntruShield
Apache Spamassassin
Aladdin eSafe
Websense Web Security
Watchguard Firebox X
computer forensics
IPSec, TLS including version 1.3
Scripting and Programming
Shellscripting (bash, sh, ksh) for over 10 years
Perl and C (basics)
Applications (excerpt)
Microsoft Office, Open Office
Adobe Photoshop
CorelDRAW Suite
Sony Vegas
Adobe Acrobat
TeX, LaTeX
Databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL)
Project Experience
Operation and expansion of a high available, globally distributed security services platform. Last level support for customers and colleagues.
Technical evaluation of content management solutions considering customer requirements and internal management aspects. Creation of corresponding documentations, definition of incident management processes as well as training of customers and colleagues.
Planning and implementation of different complex, high available firewall systems and demilitarized zones (mail and domain servers, proxies, content security systems).
Clinical research in the field of visual acuity tests in blindness assessments, development of a corresponding vision test for use in identifying psychogenic visual impairment and malingering. Statistical evaluation of the test results.
Certifications and trainings (excerpt)
Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA)
Cisco Content Security Field Specialist (Ironport EMail and Web)
FireEye Certified Systems Engineer
Certified StoneGate SMC Administrator 5.0
Certified StoneGate Firewall Architect 5.0
Trend Micro Certified Security Expert
McAfee Certified Technical Professional: Data Protection
McAfee Certified Technical Professional: Network Security
Official Consultant for the initiative "Deutschland sicher im Netz" of the German Federal Ministry of the Interior
German: native language
English: fluent in speech and writing
english deutsch