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Check Point Command Line Interface Reference Card/Cheat Sheet (English)
Recommended by Check Point.
Check Point CLI reference card/cheat sheet covering Check Point Firewall-1/Secure Platform up to R75.40 (SPLAT and GAiA), Provider-1 up to R75.40VS and VSX up to R75.40VS.
Check Point fw monitor Cheat Sheet (English)
Cheat sheet for Check Point's network traffic analyzing command line tool fw monitor.
Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) Cheat Sheet (English)
Reference card for IPv6 admins, beginners and intermediate level. Subjects include the most important IPv6 RFCs, IPv6 and ICMPv6 headers, IPv6 addresses and address scopes, interface configuration for Linux and Solaris, Neighbor Discovery, Stateless and Stateful Autoconfiguration.
Cisco IronPort C-Series ESA CLI Cheat Sheet (English)
Cisco IronPort C-Series ESA CLI reference card/cheat sheet including documented as well as undocumented commands, message filter conditions and actions up to AsyncOS version 7.6.
Introduction to Unix/Linux: Networks (German) [PDF]
Excerpt from a script for Unix/Linux beginners. Introduction to TCP/IPv4, network interface configuration and configuration of routes in RedHat Linux and Sun Solaris.
Introduction to Unix/Linux: Working with the shell (German) [PDF]
Excerpt from a script for Unix/Linux beginners. A brief overview of the different shells, standard input and output redirection, special characters, environment variables and further shell functions.
Introduction to Unix/Linux: Basic system administration (German) [PDF]
Excerpt from a script for Unix/Linux beginners. A brief overview of the boot process, system logging and process management.
Introduction to Unix/Linux: File system and files (German) [PDF]
Excerpt from a script for Unix/Linux beginners. Description of the most common file types, Unix file attributes and directory structures. Overview of the most important commands for working with files, with examples of use.
Introduction to Unix/Linux: Basics (German) [PDF]
Excerpt from a script for Unix/Linux beginners. Logging into the system, introduction to commands and their structure. Explanation of the first steps in the system and the online help tool "man".
Introduction to Unix/Linux: History (German) [PDF]
Excerpt from a script for Unix/Linux beginners. Short outline of Unix' development history and the common versions and distributions available today.
Ocular Malingering: A Surprising Visual Acuity Test (English)
Published in International Archives of Ophthalmology, 2002, 120(6):756-760
Publication in the international medical journal "Archives of Ophthalmology" discussing the results of a clinical trial attending a new visual acuity test for use in identifying psychogenic visual impairment and malingering.
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